Animal Breeding

Bovines, pigs, poultry, sheep and horses

Love for animals

Only respectful farming practices

In recent years we have invested in the breeding of bovines, pigs, poultry, sheep and horses.
We use respectful breeding practices, both in terms of placing the animals in comfortable spaces, with rough floors and straw bedding that improve comfort and avoid problematic behaviors as well as maintaining the temperature of the animals close to the thermo-neutrality zone, and in terms of a diet based almost exclusively on the company’s products.

Quality better product

How do we do it?

How do we get a qualitatively better final product?

  • Respecting the welfare of the animal
  • Using high quality feed
  • Not using medicines
  • Respecting the natural cycles of growth

The slaughter of cattle and pigs takes place outside the company, in a slaughterhouse that respects ethical practices which, in addition to avoiding stress and suffering for the animals, have a positive effect on the good quality of the meat.

Horse breeding
Quarter horse breed foals

At Monsereno Horses, where we nurture love for animals and a particular passion for the horses of the Reining discipline, Quarter Horse foals are bred. From high-level mares with the best Quarter Horse bloodlines are born foals of high pedigree; the mothers take care of their young until they get to the beginning of the training that will lead the foals, little by little, to be mounted and to start their sporting career.