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The products we grow, after harvesting, can be purchased fresh or transformed into preserves, jams and fruit juices.
The shop is always open for the direct sale of our zero-metre products.

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Preserves, jams, juices, vegetables in oil and in vinegar of first quality:
aubergines and ginger, sweet zucchini, peppers, onions, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries…

Local meat and salami:
salami, lard, coppa, pancetta, cotechino, mortadella, salami paste

Lavender and its derivatives

Customizable baskets and compositions
Party favors for special occasions

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We are open every day, for the sale of our products at 0 meters.

Via Monsereno 9
23898 Imbersago (LC)

Monday – Sunday
9:00 – 19:00

The production of salami: one of our musts!

The parts of the pig used in the production of salami are: thigh, loin, tenderloin, shoulder and neck. Head, nervous and fat parts, lard are excluded. Salt, pepper, garlic, wine and herbs are added to the dough. Grind everything, taking care to mix the parts carefully. The natural casings are the casing of the dough: they are used to contain, to give shape and to protect from external agents. They are used for their characteristic elasticity and porosity and because they give a unique taste and softness.

A few hours after filling the casings, the binding takes place. The salami is then ready for the maturation process which consists of three phases: stewing or dripping, drying and maturing; each phase is characterized by different values of temperature, relative humidity and air speed. There are therefore rooms dedicated to each of these three phases. The stewing or dripping phase is short (8/12 hours), it serves to heat and make the temperature of the product uniform. Excess water is lost through natural dripping. The drying phase dries the product by removing water in a controlled way. Finally, the seasoning, the slowest phase, which requires a cool and humid environment with frequent air changes.